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Bar Soap Vs. Body Wash

When it comes to caring for your skin, finding the right cleanser for your face and body is simple. After all, skin is all one (and the body's largest) organ. So our cleansers cover a big area all with varying degrees of use i.e. our face is the most exposed, while the rest of our body is usually covered up for most of the year. So how should we really lather up? Let's look at bar soap versus body wash debate, so you can make shower-time simple.

Body Wash - typically formulated to feel hydrating for the skin, many formulas contain emollients, which can fill in the micro-cracks in our skin and make it appear fuller and smoother. Body washes can replenish your skin's protective barrier too, leaving it feeling soft and hydrated. Make sure the body wash you're using is free from artificial preservatives like parabens and sulfates. As body wash is water-based, preservatives are needed to stop the ingredients from going off. While they give your body wash that familiar, soapy lather, they can strip the skin of natural oils, leaving it feeling dry (especially if it's already prone to dryness).

Most also contain artificial fragrances, which come with their own damaging effects to the body and environment too. You can read more on that here

Perhaps the most obvious con of using body wash versus body soap is the sustainability factor. Most come in plastic bottles which isn’t the best choice for the environment. If you are using body wash, try to find one that comes in recycled packaging.

Bar Soap - When produced by clean and natural makers, bar soap usually only contains the active ingredients you need; because the formula doesn't include water, there's no need for any chemical preservatives to stop bacteria from breeding. What you're left with is simply a high concentration of pure, high quality, active ingredients.

With bar soaps, you tend to get more for your money - last for several weeks, whereas body washes tend to get used up more quickly. So buying less product means less packaging, less energy, and resources in the supply chain.

With bar soap, you'll perhaps save water, save money, and do a little bit for the planet.

Give it a Try

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