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Simple Home Holism was created by a qualified aromatherapist of almost 20 years, Noelene Coleman at her home in Saintfield, Northern Ireland. It was born out of a desire to create hand-made, vegan-friendly soap, shampoo, body and skincare products. 

Living well should be simple.

"Sometimes the best way to recharge is to unplug"

Chris Butler


As I am a qualified aromatherapist, my products are developed with your skincare & well-being needs in mind such as dry skin, relaxation, sleep or to give you a much-needed boost. 

I have developed, using only the best quality ingredients (no additives or preservatives), a range of handmade candles, balms, bars & butters. 

I create each product in small batches for the freshest scent and most active ingredients.  You can trust that what you are getting is sustainably and ethically sourced, while also being completely natural and safety tested - so everyone can benefit from the products.


My natural product range is the culmination of a life spent listening - to elders, nature, science, practical wisdom and most importantly to one's own body. I believe that the fun part of a holistic life is getting your hands dirty and connecting with the process. Growing up, foraging in the wild was often an inspiration, whether for soap-making or a soothing balm - there is always joy in your own creation.

I have travelled extensively, gaining knowledge from the cultures I immersed myself in and the spas and yoga retreats I worked in. For example, when I was in China I learned the benefits of rice water for the skin and this has now been integrated into some of my products. 

Simple Home Holism is my way of sharing this with you.

noelene coleman

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