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Your Home Spa

With our calendar fairly empty and the moment and our stress levels still quite high, what better time for a spa day? at home of course! Granted, it can never be the same without certain facilities and therapists on hand, but you can easily achieve something more luxurious than just lying in the bath with cucumber slices over your eyes.

Comfort and warmth are top priorities for true relaxation, so wherever your chosen space is make sure you have lots of comfy cushions, blankets or warm towels to build yourself a 'nest'.

Scent is also key to creating a spa environment. Burn your favourite candle or oil blend that will totally relax you, maybe you add some essential oils to your bath or have a cup of your favourite herbal tea to begin your relaxation ritual.

Music is important too. Silence your phone and find a playlist that you love. I search Spotify or Youtube for 'music for massage' or 'music for meditation'. I also love to listen to Mooji on Youtube for a guided meditation, his voice is so mellow, for me, this is ultimate relaxation.

When you've created your perfect place to relax, start your spa treatment with body brushing. Long upward strokes encourage circulation and exfoliate the skin. If you have a bath and are looking for something different to bubbles or epsom salts, why not try a seaweed bath? Seaweed is known to have many benefits including detoxifying and re-mineralising the body, soothing aches and pains, improving circulation, and healing itchy skin conditions or add some essential oils to your shower tray? my favourites are eucalyptus and peppermint.

Dampen two washcloths and add a little lavender oil. Pop one in the freezer and one in the microwave(30 seconds should do). Use the warm one first to open the pores, remove any dirt or makeup. The cool one let it stay on your face while you relax, inhale the oils, close the pores, brighten the skin and reduce any puffiness or tired eyes.

Of course no spa day would be complete with out a massage. An easy massage to do at home is a scalp massage. I do this on dry hair daily to encourage growth and a healthy scalp, but on a spa day I use a couple of drops of rosemary oil in olive oil, massage it in, wrap in a warm towel and allow to soak into the hair overnight before washing it out.


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