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You Can Swap to Plastic-Free Products without compromising your skin

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

Plastic is everywhere. It’s been found in as far flung places as the North and South poles, on top of the Himalayas and in the deepest parts of the oceans. It’s estimated that 8m tonnes are released into the sea every year. Images of plastic packaging, bags, straws and household waste clogging waterways and suffocating marine life have become as commonplace.

You may well be making a great effort already to live a more waste-conscious lifestyle switching all your beauty products to those in paper or aluminium packaging, or refilling your own glass bottles but, what happens when the biggest plastic problem isn’t on the outside at all, but rather inside the plastic-free bottle? By now we’ve all heard of microbeads, small balls of plastic that are added to exfoliators to help scrub off dead skin. Sewage systems aren’t built to filter them out, meaning they end up in waterways and are ingested by marine life. Once they’re in the water, they’re almost impossible to get out.

Despite all the progress, the beauty industry still has an overwhelming plastic problem. What you might not know is that even with microbeads on the way out, plastic is still being added into our bottles. In many cases, it’s used as an emulsifying agent, to add texture or as a cheap filler, making the product cheaper to produce and cheaper for the consumer.

What Can We Do?

Buy More Bars

Using Bar Soap and Shampoo Bars not only are zero-waste, but because they last forever, and you can actually pack these bars into your suitcase without customs officers plucking them out and throwing them into the bin because you’ve exceeded your liquids allowance!

Bar shampoos DO work, and NO, they are not the same as soap! They’re incredibly cleansing and hydrating, but you won’t know until you try, right?

Buy in Bulk

You do it for food, so why not do it for beauty products, too? Buying in bulk is simple, and will not only save you money but also reduce your packaging waste. Refill shops are popping up everywhere these days, by shopping there you can support your local businesses too!

Know What Your Buying

When buying anything, I always use the same motto - If I can't read or pronounce the ingredients, I won't be putting it on my face or in my body.

If you're interested in finding out how to go more Plastic-Free click on the link below for your free guide.



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